Central nervous system (CNS) diseases are the result of a complex interplay between multiple genetic and environmental factors. It is now becoming apparent that these factors converge to cause alterations in synaptic transmission, the process by which nerve cells in the brain communicate with one another. At Galenea, we envision this feature of CNS disease as the key to a new therapeutic approach based on identifying underlying alterations in synaptic transmission and directly screening for compounds that restore normal synaptic function. Galenea's novel drug discovery platform enables this approach to CNS disease for the first time.

  • Synaptic screening: Our proprietary Multiwell Automated NeuroTRansmission Assay (MANTRA™) system is capable of high throughput characterization of synaptic transmission in primary neurons and neurons derived from human stem cells.
  • Preclinical Network Measures: We have developed and are utilizing a powerful system for integrated measures of brain activities and behavior to better predict efficacy of compounds derived from MANTRA screening for driving preclinical drug discovery.
  • Clinical Network Biomarkers: We are translating our preclinical rodent measures into clinical biomarkers based on brain activity in humans as measured by electroencephalogram (EEG) for use in clinical development.
  • We have integrated these elements into our drug discovery process that includes internal Medicinal Chemistry and Behavioral Pharmacology. We are using this integrated approach to develop novel mechanism-of-action treatments for debilitating CNS diseases, which currently lack effective medicines.