Galenea’s MANTRA™ System and Pro-Cognitive Program Selected as One of the Top 10 Neuroscience Projects to Watch by Elsevier Business Intelligence

WAKEFIELD, MA (November 28, 2012) Galenea’s innovative MANTRA™(Multiwell Automated NeuroTRansmission Assay) system, a proprietary high-throughput screening platform for the identification of modulators of synaptic function, along with the company’s pro-cognitive program,has been selected by Elsevier Business Intelligence and Windhover Conferences as one of Neuroscience’s Top 10 Projects to Watch for 2012. Galenea’s drug discovery platform and lead program will be presented at the upcoming Therapeutic Area Partnerships Conference, taking place from November 28th to 30th in Boston.

Galenea’s pro-cognitive drug candidate is a potential first-in-class synaptic modulator identified using the MANTRA system and currently in the lead optimization phase. The program has received funding from both the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the Stanley Medical Research Institute, including support for ongoing studies to identify the molecular target of the novel chemical series. Lead compounds are active in preclinical models of cognition, and the company is developing translational biomarkers to guide clinical development. “We are thrilled to have been selected by the panel and honored to be the only neuroscience program and platform combination selected this year,” commented Galenea’s CEO, Mark Benjamin, D. Sc. “We have developed a completely new approach to neuroscience drug discovery focused on functional modulation of synaptic transmission, which we believe will have application across many neurological and neuropsychiatric disorders.”

"Selected companies have been screened using a strict set of judging criteria for the Top 10 award and represent what our committees considered the most attractive neuroscience opportunities the industry has to offer," said David Cassak, Vice President, Content, Windhover Conferences, a division of Elsevier Business Intelligence. "Winners have met rigorous criteria, including: unmet medical need, market potential, diversity of indications, strong science, multi-level partnering opportunities (biotech and pharma), potential for new opportunities beyond initial indications and corporate stability.”

David Gerber, Ph.D., Galenea’s Vice President, CNS Research, added, “The MANTRA system provides a unique capacity to directly address core synaptic disease mechanisms underlying central nervous system disorders. In addition to targeting cognitive impairment, we are applying the MANTRA system in novel drug discovery programs for Huntington’s disease and neurodegeneration. It is very gratifying that the great potential of our approach has been recognized with this selection.”

About Galenea
Galenea is a leader in the rapidly emerging field of synaptic transmission drug discovery. Synaptic transmission is the process by which neurons communicate with each other, and dysfunctions in this process are now known to play a central role in many psychiatric and neurological diseases. Modulators of synaptic transmission therefore have the potential to yield breakthrough treatments. Galenea has developed an innovative synaptic transmission drug discovery platform that integrates three components: the MANTRA™ system, a proprietary, high throughput screening technology, to identify a new generation of small molecule modulators of synaptic transmission; preclinical network measures employing in vitro brain slice EEG assays, and in vivo models using integrated EEG measures of animal behavior to more reliably determine CNS drug efficacy; and human EEG biomarkers, developed in tandem with and informed by our animal EEG data to greatly enhance CNS drug development. The company is advancing a novel pro-cognitive program derived from the platform and the approach can be extended to address multiple CNS disorders. Galenea has also assembled a compelling scientific team, balancing academic aptitude with industry experience and entrepreneurship. For more information about Galenea, please visit the company’s website at