OUR APPROACH - Synaptic Screening

The MANTRA (Multiwell Automated NeuroTRansmission Assay) System is a proprietary functional screening technology developed by Galenea to directly identify modulators of synaptic transmission. It is based on unique high throughput instrumentation that can control electrical activity in living neurons and simultaneously capture data from fluorescent reporters of synaptic function. With the MANTRA system we measure multiple aspects of synaptic transmission using normal or diseased neurons and monitor the effects of compounds. We have demonstrated that the MANTRA system meets the stringent specifications required for high-throughput screening and for characterization of compounds to drive lead optimization. With the MANTRA system, it is now possible to apply direct screening of synaptic function to CNS drug discovery. It is the only assay system of its type, anywhere.

For more information, see Hempel et al., 2011.


MANTRA Instrument

In Sanskrit the word "mantra" means "instrument of thought"