ABOUT - History

Galenea was founded on the ground-breaking work of Professors Susumu Tonegawa and Dr. David Gerber at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Maria Karayiorgou at Columbia University Medical Center (formerly at The Rockefeller University). Together, their laboratories obtained both behavioral and genetic evidence for the role of calcineurin in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia. These discoveries led to the founding collaboration between Galenea and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals that was the exclusive focus of the company from 2005 until the successful conclusion of the collaboration and transfer of two small molecule programs at the end of 2011.

Through our work on the role of calcineurin in synaptic transmission, we conceived of and built a platform technology which permits us to assess communication between neurons at the cellular and network levels. This discovery platform has now generated a therapeutics program for cognitive impairment, and discovery programs in Huntington's disease and neurodegeneration.

About Our Name

Claudius Galenus (b.129 CE — d.200 CE), better known as Galen of Pergamum, was a prominent Greek physician. He is credited with being an originator of the field of anatomy and his ideas remained influential for nearly two millennia. His work with the nervous system supported the theory that the brain controls each muscle by means of cranial and peripheral nervous systems. Galen was also the first to use the measurement of pulse as a diagnostic tool. The word galenea in Greek means "inner peace".